What keeps weather where it belongs? The Weather Strip Seal. It provides the important seal at the edge of a door, making solid contact between the door and the jamb when the door is closed.

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The resilience and endurance you need

  • Protects against air and water infiltration
  • Provides a lasting, resilient seal
  • Made with the most durable material
  • Designed to hold a consistent compression
  • Easy to install

Keep the outside out and the inside in.

Not only does the weather strip seal have to be strong, it has to be flexible. This elasticity is essential so that when the door is opened, its weather strip seal springs back, yet still creates a strong seal when the door is closed again. Without this elasticity, the weather strip will bend until it becomes ineffective, causing leaks along the side of the door and into the home.

Weather strip seal from Penrod creates a consistent compression every time a door is closed, providing a long-lasting seal for protection against air and water intrusion.


A corner pad for your in-swing entry door can dramatically improve performance.

In fact, wind-driven water at the corner of a door system can cause water to flow up the interior panel of the weatherstrip channel, over the door sill and into your home.

Protect against moisture and enjoy other advantages with our door corner pad.

  • Prevents costly water damage
  • Provides a seal against drafts and dust
  • Easy installation with self-sticking design
  • Vinyl-coated foam construction
  • Pads measure 1-½” wide x 1-¾” high


The craftsmanship of our Hardware & Hinges are easy to see first hand. We’re confident our hardware will get the job done. We back that confidence up with a manufacturing warranty so you know we mean business.

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The Penrod Company • All Rights Reserved ©1888–Red Chalk Studios
The Penrod Company • All Rights Reserved ©1888–Red Chalk Studios